Mutual Fund Industry Is a Huge Scam – Ep. 53 Weekly Wealth Digest

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Published on Jan 14, 2015

What if I approached you with a business proposition? We’re going to buy publicly traded companies. We will use your money – a lump sum at the beginning and then more of your money every month. You will take on all the risk and I will take on none. Now, for helping you buy these businesses, I’ll charge you a fee – one that compounds and continues to make me wealthier no matter what. If my stock picks go up, down or sideways, I get paid. To really sweeten the deal, I will also charge you hidden fees that you don’t really see: trading fees, brokerage fees, and about 20 others.

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Our Purpose… What Drives Our Team

Helping You Grow Your Wealth

We will help you increase your wealth and grow rich together by focusing on future trends. Currently we believe the U.S. is in a depression, the dollar is our biggest risk, and that we need to not only survive this economy, we want to thrive and prosper in it.

Increasing Your Knowledge

Increasing our knowledge by seeking out the information that no one else is, we consider ourselves fact finders. This is what our team of researchers do, so our job is to share it with you, we cover the economy, markets, and global shifts in trends that directly effect you.

Connecting you to the right people

People, honestly this is the most important investment in your life. Your relationships, the people you surround yourself with, listen to, and partner with on investments.

From top analysts to CEO’s of publicly traded companies, connecting you with the right people is the biggest responsibility we have at

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