Powerful Guided Pineal Gland Activation Meditation and Third Eye Awakening with Binaural Beats

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Published on Jul 6, 2016

Guided Pineal gland activation meditation to open and active the third eye chakra and pineal gland. The pineal gland is the location of the third eye chakra (ajna chakra) which is out window to the spiritual world, and our connection to our intuition. This guided pineal gland activation meditation is for you who wish to open and awaken your third eye and pineal gland and have done the necessary research to make sure you are fully prepared. This third eye meditation consist of a constant C note for third eye stimulation and theta to delta binaural beats for brainwave entrainment that will allow you to relax and enter a deep state of meditation. This third eye meditation will help you decalcify your pineal gland and allow it awaken

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