Grounding Meditation – How to Ground and Center Yourself – Day 6

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Published on Apr 6, 2015
Grounding meditation is a great way to create balance and stability in your life. Grounding helps you reconnect with the earth and makes you feel centered and steady. Grounding meditation can give you a feeling of balance in your life and reduce stress and anxiety. Grounding is especially good for people who suffer from anxiety or have panic attacks, as they get a feeling of losing control and floating… Grounding meditation is then able to reduce the anxiety and severity of the panic attack by giving them stability and steadiness. This is day 6 of the 30 day meditation challenge for beginners, and this is an easy exercise where you only need to listen to my voice, as I guide you through this meditation exercise for relaxation and stress relief. Subscribe to stay updated!!! Follow me on Twitter ► Thanks for watching jbittersweet


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