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Published on Apr 22, 2015

Listen to this guided meditation of a relaxing visualization meditation of a peaceful and calm stream, with real soothing nature sounds of running water for stress relief and inner peace. This guided visualization meditation will help you feel relaxed and calm and the water sounds will feel mesmerizing and pull you in to relaxation… away from stress and worries, and away from responsibilities and obligations. Visualizations are great for beginners, as they only require that you listen and allow yourself to relax. So listen to this guided meditation and allow it remove stress from your mind and tension from your body and can help you with stress management, insomnia and sleep difficulties so that you can learn how to sleep better with meditation. This is day 22 of the 30 day meditation challenge for beginners, for people who want to learn how to meditate and find inner peace and happiness. So if you want to learn how to mediate so that you can release stress, become more spiritual aware, develop psychic abilities, or whatever your goal may be, this 30 day challenge can help you reach that goal and help you get started with meditation in an easy and simple way with daily guided meditation exercises. Subscribe for more great videos! Follow me on Twitter ► Thanks for watching jbittersweet


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