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Published on Apr 25, 2015
Mindfulness eating is a great way to break out of autopilot and increase awareness and lose weight as you will learn how to eat less. This Mindful Eating exercise will allow you to truly experience even the smallest things in your everyday life, and make you appreciate the beauty in everything. Mindfulness is a way to take in the world and learn to stay mindful and present, so that you do not waist precious time on autopilot, letting your life drift away in front of your eyes. Mind eating is the practice of staying mindful while eating your meal, whatever it is, and to take in every observation and experience. Mindfulness can great improve your life, and help you feel happy and joyful and feel much more at peace and centered, as you now see the beauty in everything, which makes life seem great and amazing, as life is beautiful. Mindful eating also allows you to give your body the time it needs with a healthy eating patter, so that your stomach can get the time to take in and digest the food. Eating slower can help your digestion and help prevent and treat constipation and bloating. Eating slower is also a great way to lose weight, as you will give your body time to process the food and send out the signal of fullness. So if you want to lose weight, try mindful eating as a tool for weight loss and a way to eat less. This is day 25 of the 30 day meditation challenge for beginners. This 30 meditation challenge will help beginners, get started with meditation and show them how to meditate in a very simple and easy way, with new guided meditation exercises daily. Subscribe for more great videos! Follow me on Twitter ► Thanks for watching jbittersweet


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